For 150 years, Tattersall's Club has been a key part of Brisbane's history and community

In the early days, Tattersall’s Club started it’s development with the assistance of the newly formed Queensland Turf Club, sharing presidents, secretaries and meeting places until the two were well established enough to be independent. 

From it’s beginnings as a racing club with a handful of wealthy punters, Tattersall’s Club has grown to accommodate over 5,000 Members, state of the art facilities and a modern function centre, whilst remaining one of Australia’s most prestigious private Membership Clubs. 

Carved Alabaster Stallions
Carved Alabaster Stallions

The statues of two stallions fighting has been carved from one piece of Alabaster.

Alabaster is a fine textured material, usually grey, white or pink in colour. Its translucent appearance makes it an appealing material for sculptures.