A Calcutta is an Evening which generates a Prize Fund to be won by the winning syndicate (Table) who end up owning the “evening rights” to horses being run in the Melbourne Cup. The prize fund is generated by: A raffle of the runners and an auction of the runners once the raffle is complete

You have an opportunity to secure your “ownership” of either your own raffle horse, or bid on others horses to buy them. The total prize fund is split across the “owners” of the horses as they finish in the Running of the Melbourne Cup on the following day.

Raffle tickets for the runners are $10 each and a minimum of $500 per table


For $99 enjoy a three course dinner with a cash bar available with dinner commencing at 6.30pm


For Bookings contact the Members' Dining Room on 07 3331 8848 or email diningroom@tattersallsclub.com


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