On Friday 1September 2017, the representative team from Tattersall’s Club Shooters took on representatives from the Queensland Club shooters group in the annual sporting clays competition. In sporting clays, the size of the clay targets, their speed and angles of flight are all variable, making sporting clays a challenging and enjoyable shooting sport.  Aspects of the natural terrain are fully utilised so that competitors are shooting 12G under/over shotguns at targets amongst trees, rocks, uphill, downhill, incoming, outgoing and overhead.

Both teams agreed on a 25-target scored practice followed by a 50-target competition round.  The scored practice was on the Brisbane Sporting Clays corporate layout. On this 25-target round there were two perfect scores - from Robert Nioa (Tattersall’s Club) and John Bishop (Queensland Club)

The competition round held in the open competition area, was a simulated field range which proved much harder. It included challenging targets like the 10 metre tower, super-mini, and rabbits at distance. Again, Rob Nioa and John Bishop were the standout shooters.  Rob Nioa dropped eight targets from a total of 50 and John Bishop dropped 10 targets.

Tattersall’s Club Shooters won the day 195 v 177 and this 2017 result has been engraved on the ‘Dr Norman A Katter Trophy’.


We are grateful to the Queensland Club shooters for their great comradery, our thanks to Brisbane Sporting Clays for hosting the competition, and the Tattersall’s Club Shooters representative team for their win.