Tattersall’s Club 27th Landscape Art Prize week began with the official opening of the gallery in the Members’ Bar on Monday 5 September. A supplementary gallery the Queensland ‘Outback to Ocean’ was also displayed on the North Balcony throughout the week.

 On Tuesday 6 September, the Tattersall’s Club Landscape Art Prize Morning Tea was held in the Healy room with the official judges of the event, Chris Saines, Director of Queensland Art Gallery and GOMA, Dr Campbell Gray, Director of University of Queensland Art Museum, Stella Downer, Art Consultant and Salon des Refuses judge, Ernie Ward, Tattersall’s Club Committeeman  after the judging concluded.

 A Curator’s Tour was conduced with Tattersall’s Art Curator, Bernie Hollett alongside daughter Ann-Louise Hollett Smith on Tuesday evening, with many interested Members and guests gaining an increased knowledge of the current art on display ahead of Wednesday evening’s Cocktail and Awards party.

The final decision was announced on Wednesday evening at the Tattersall’s Club Landscape Art Prize Cocktail and Awards evening with Sydney-based Ann Thomson as the 2016 Winner for her painting ‘Breakwater’. Ann’s painting is an acrylic and collage on linen and based on Ann’s depiction of a landscape which is part inner journey, part imagination and memory. Tattersall’s Club will now retain Ann’s piece for the Club’s art collection as with previous winners.

 Highly Commended was awarded to Melissa Egan for her painting ‘View from the Summit’, as well as Guy Warren’s ‘Red hot bowl - Trephina Gorge, Alice Springs’. Commended was awarded to Indigenous artist Margaret Loy Pula’s painting ‘Anatye (Bush Potato)’.

During the week, Tattersall’s Club Members participated in voting for the Members’ Choice, which was awarded to Michael McWilliams for his painting ‘Fallen Sentinel’ which was well received by the Members on Wednesday evening.

The exhibition will be on display at Riverside Centre, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane until Friday 23 September 2016.