When John Foote, past Tattersall’s Vice President and now Life Member, met Ernie Ward on the golf course in 1990 and chatted about the Club, little would he have known that a long-lasting sponsor agreement between Tattersall’s Club and Mercedes-Benz would eventuate and still be going strong in 2017. Originating in 1990 as a Tattersall’s Racing Club sponsorship, the inaugural Mercedes-Benz Stakes was run and won by McGinty’s Crown. The sponsorship has now evolved into a broader agreement covering the arts, cultural and sporting events within the Club.


Ernie Ward has since retired from Mercedes-Benz, although remains a Mercedes-Benz Toowong Ambassador and has also been on the Tattersall’s Committee for the last five years. Asked to comment about this enduring sponsorship, Ernie said, “When John invited me to visit Tattersall’s and introduced me to other Committeemen and Members, I soon realised that the core values of the Mercedes-Benz brand fitted really well with the Club. We formed a sponsorship, initially with the Racing Club and we also became a major sponsor of Tattersall’s Golf. Today, the Sponsorship has moved to the Tattersall’s Club Landscape Art Prize, Black Tie Boxing Evening, Melbourne Cup Lunch and others. We also still enjoy sponsoring the annual Tattersall’s Golf Charity Day”.


Mercedes-Benz Toowong continues this 27 year partnership and Dealer Principal, Angus Young, said, “When we purchased Mercedes-Benz Toowong in 2014, we looked at all existing sponsorships and soon realised that Tattersall’s and Mercedes-Benz had achieved and enjoyed a lot of mutual benefits through the partnership and it was therefore our intention to continue and build on the relationship. Hence the move into sponsoring arts and culture at Tattersall’s. We have also supported the Tattersall’s Colts. We are a multi-award winning dealership and pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction rating. Many of our customers are Tattersall’s Members so I am confident that we can continue this mutually beneficial agreement for years to come’.


Ben Haywood is Mercedes-Benz Toowong’s General Manager and as such has been very keen to engage with customers from Tattersall’s at many events. “All Club Members who visit our dealership in Toowong should make sure that they identify themselves as Tattersall’s Members. I will personally ensure that everything possible is done to make their Mercedes-Benz experience a memorable one. We value this relationship and want to build on the last 27 years”.


Tattersall’s Club President Stuart Fraser has enjoyed working with Mercedes-Benz Toowong for the 14 years he has been part of the Committee. “It’s very unusual for sponsor agreements to be so long lasting. However, when you look at the Mercedes-Benz brand and link it with Tattersall’s Club, its motto and its diversified Membership, it’s not hard to understand why this partnership has been so enduring. One visit to Mercedes-Benz Toowong convinced me that this is a special relationship. An example of the benefit to Tattersall’s Members was the special drive day that Mercedes-Benz Toowong invited Members to participate in at the Mount Cotton High Performance Centre. Supporting Mercedes-Benz Toowong is vital to any ongoing relationship and I will be working closely with Angus and Ben to ensure that both our organisations benefit.”



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