*Wine Experience at Home: French White

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Beginning in the Rolling hills and mountains of Alsace we experience Andre Kientzler?s pinot Blanc and the one of a kind German/French style. Heading south Through Loire we travel from east to west along the Loire river taking in some of the best Melon de Bourgone, Vouvray and Sauvignon blanc from the famous Sancerre region, the world has to offer. Take a quick trip east we reach Burgundy, and specifically at the north end in a region famous for its unoaked Chardonnay?s: Chablis. Finally, we move South-East, we try the Cotes du Rhone Blanc from one of the most revered vineyards in Rhone Valley. Each wine comes with individual tasting cards specific to the winery, region and varietal, and a paired recipe on the back so you can experience your own sommelier pairing at home.

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