Interest Groups

Making Friends for Life

Providing opportunities to celebrate shared interests and friendships among Club Members.

Tattersall’s Club is where a shared love of sports and common interests are celebrated and new friendships are formed.

Tattersall’s Club brings our Members together, but it’s our shared love of sports and other common interests that bind us together and provide opportunities to form new friendships.

Predominantly, but not exclusively sports-orientated, our Interest Groups are for Tattersall’s Club Members of all ages, from our youngest through to our most senior Members.


Lycra knicks emblazoned with the Club’s logo
are worn proudly by Members of the Tattersall’s
Cycling Club. There are more than 100 cyclists in
the Club, from beginners to competitive riders, who
can choose from three organised rides a week.
There are also a variety of functions and local
charity rides, plus organised trips away including
overseas. Mechanical workshops and coaching
are offered on an as-needs basis. The first year’s
membership is free, then $25 per annum thereafter
(waived for Country Members and their partners).
Riding etiquette rules ensure the safety of Members
riding in groups.

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Every second Thursday, the Tattersall’s Golf Club
hosts a regular competition on a course in South
East Queensland. The Golf Club currently has
more than 200 Members and offers one of a kind
exclusive access to a wide variety of courses
including the Royal Queensland Golf Club and
the Indooroopilly Golf Club. Membership is $60
per annum. An annual fixtures booklet is released
each September for the following year.

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Rides with Tattersall’s Motorcycle Club sees a
variety of wheels, from the latest sports bikes right
through to vintage cycles and restored collector’s
pieces. More than 80 members enjoy monthly
events, both on and off wheels. The Club actively
encourages guests and affiliates of Members to
participate. Membership is $30 per annum and
Members are required to bring their own vehicle.
The events calendar is distributed in January;
highlights include an annual trip to Toowoomba
with the Motoring, Shooting and Cycling Clubs in
August, and a three-night Northern Rivers Escape
in October.

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The Tattersall’s Motoring Club meets both on-road and off-road for inclusive and family-friendly events for Members and industry affiliations to socialise with other motor car enthusiasts. Membership is $30 per annum and participants bring their own four wheels. The annual calendar includes monthly drives, weekend escapes, 4WD  adventures and  exclusive invitations to attend Signature Marque Dealership events and a “Norwell – All Out” Driver  Training Track Day.

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The Tattersall’s Shooters Club is a family-friendly
group of Members who enjoy target shooting
sports in disciplines involving shotguns, rifles and
handguns. Members must be eligible to hold a
firearm license, beginners are welcome with no
fixed commitment, and there are a variety of events including monthly sporting clays. It’s an approved shooting club with the Queensland Police Service. Membership is $60 per annum, $30 for July to December. The annual away event is clay targets and dinner in Toowoomba.

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Tattersall’s Members and guests are always
welcome to use the Billiards Room weekdays for
social games of billiards, snooker and eight ball;
three beautifully maintained tables are located
adjacent to the Members’ Bar. The Tattersall’s
Snooker Club meets Tuesdays and Fridays for
its social competition between 10am and 2pm.
Contact the Snooker Marker to join, they’ll arrange
for you to play one of the existing Snooker Club
Members to establish your handicap. Members
also tour locally and abroad to engage in matches
with Reciprocal Clubs.

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For current interest group activities, please contact Tattersall's Club.

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On Thursday afternoons the Morningside Tennis Centre hosts the Tattersall’s Racqueteers Club for its weekly social matches. With 45 Members, the Club runs internal competitions, plays friendly matches  against other clubs and ends the season with an annual trip away, which is dubbed “schoolies for old people” by its President. Members are given a handicap to level the playing field and new players are welcome. For more serious players, there is an Open Singles Championship. Membership is $40 per annum.

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Calling all cricket enthusiasts to join the Tattersall’s
Backseaters Club. There is a long-held tradition of
playing against the Queensland Primary School
Boys Cricket Team in one of the first matches of
the season to “teach the youngsters a thing or
two”. As the Tattersall’s contingent of 20 Members
is ageing, the matches are getting harder, so new
male or female Members are encouraged to join.
Membership is free, playing fees of $20 per game
cover ground fees.

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Walking season is from February to November,
the Tattersall’s Walkers Club meet on Saturdays
at 6.30am and in all weather conditions. The route
varies from 5km to 10km, but always finishes with
coffee and a chat. The Club can help you build your
fitness and enjoy the great outdoors, with trails
and tracks all over South East Queensland. Once
a month, the Club returns to home base, the Mount
Coo-tha Slaughter Falls Track. On average, Club
Members would walk more than 500km in a year
and there is no cost to join.

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Classic Film

There is a loyal audience of up to 30 who attend
the Tattersall’s Classic Film Club’s monthly dinner
and movie on the last Wednesday of every month
(except Dec and Jan). Members and their guests
meet in the Members’ Bar then enjoy dinner in
the Healy Room before the screening. The Club
showcases a rich and varied array of classic
movies throughout the year, the highlight being
“Christmas in July”, with a themed dinner and
festive film. Membership is free and bookings are
made via the Healy Room.

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The Heritage Interest Group in conjunction with Tattersall’s Club Heritage Sub-Committee assists the Club in accordance with the Club’s Strategic Plan to locate, identify and catalogue significant items of relevant historical and heritage interest.

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